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Portugal, Évora, Pingo Doce

Pingo Doce, Évora, Portugal  
Fields of application
Roof waterproofing with loose-laid membranes (e. g. green roofs)
Waterproofing of 7.000 m² roof with KÖSTER TPO Roofing Membranes. The membranes were applied by strip adhesion system with KOSTER PUR Membrane Adhesive, over PIR insulation boards. 
Product applied
KÖSTER Contact Adhesive
KÖSTER External Corner light grey 90 degrees
Leister Automatic Welder Uniroof E 40
Leister Automatic Welder Varimat V2
KÖSTER Membrane Adhesive
KÖSTER Roof Drain with Leaf Trap NW 100
KÖSTER Roof Drain with Leaf Trap NW 70
KÖSTER TPO Metal Covered Composite Sheet light grey
J. Prudencio 
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